Fix Nail Polish Mistakes

How to Fix Nail Polish Mistakes and make it look better!!

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Suddenly and without any alarm, you have to go out quickly for a surprise that make you act quickly to prepare for it, and as your nail polish needs some editions, or to be put again so you need some beauty tricks to follow in such situations and to have the perfect look without mistakes.

- The French fashion 
If the nail polish wasn't found on the upper part of your nail, use the French fashion by hiding the free area with another color of the nail polish . Remember that this classic fashion can be used with all colors and with the colorful French fashion confidently.

To apply french gel nail polish as professional read this topic.

- The glitter nail polish 
Don't hesitate to use the glitter nail polish which hide all your nails mistakes and ensure a modern look for you, it transferred from being a way to solve problems to a special style that is full of elegance and you can use in all. 

- The nail polish remover 
Preferably, you have to look in a style without any nail polish remains, this choice is suitable and better, and you can add the transparent nail polish to make it look shiny.

I wrote topic how to remove gel nail polish, you can read it from here.

- The accessories 
If you were from ladies who like nails accessories, such as the simple stickers that add an amazing touch and they are enough to hide the nail at all.


Nail Art Corrector Pen Remove
You can use this simple tool to remove remains polish and correct your nails design.

You should read this topic before using gel nail polish. Gel nail polish mistakes

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