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How to File Squoval Nails with French Manicure

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One of the beauty signs for girls is the soft touch of hands, as there are many beautiful hands attract others attention without looking at the face, hands are the first beauty for every girl, so they care of the health and beauty of them, here are simple steps to file your nails in a squoval shape easily at home (no salon) then apply french maincure.
Before tutorial, Let's talk about Squoval Frensh Nails in more details.

What is Squoval Nail?

Many girls asked me What is the meaning of Squoval?
Squoval word refers to oval and square, so it's the nail shape which has rounded edges on a squarish nail, in other words we can say squoval nails shape is a squire look without being as sharp at the corners. This kind of nails is common. You can shape your nails Squoval with any nails length.


Is any girl can file Squoval Nails?

If your nails shape squarer you will look best with square or squoval but If you have a very rounded nails you will look great with very round nails.


Step by Step : Squoval Frensh Nails Tutorial
-Trim your nails to the desired length.
-To file squoval nails, you need to use any nails file, it's better to have (240 grit). We will start with the square to make sure the sidewalls are straight.

-Once they become straight, tilt the file underneath the corners and file back and forth from the underneath up to take the corners off.

-You only need to round the part of the tip that is past the free edge.

-Shape your nails carefully and pay attention to have the shape with soft endings.
-Use small amount of lotion which is made especially for peeling hands to prepare your nails and hands before using any nail polish.
-Soak your hands in a cup of warm milk for 5 minutes to remove dead skin layer and to let the calcium make nails strong and protect them from breaking. 
-Washing hands well and drying them carefully, as neglect drying hands after washing leads to have withered hands.
-Put a layer of sweet almond oil on your hands to refresh them then dry them with a warm towel, and relax them for 15 minutes.
-Care of removing the dead skin around the nail using the special tool which found in pharmacies, and avoid using the mental one because it may hurt the skin.
-Wash your hands with warm water to clean them from oils.
-Put a layer of main nail polish, then leave your nails to get dry. This way helps you to have strong nails and easy method to paint your nails.
-Put your hand on a straight surface then put the another hand on the same level, draw square or circle shape as you like.
-Put transparent pink french manicure on your nails and leave it to get dry, this pink layer give the nails vitality. To care more of your nails put another layer of the transparent french nail polish.

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