Top advice before applying the black gel nail polish

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To apply the dark nail polishes especially the black one, there are necessary basics you have to know them to have a beautiful and perfect style. So learn today these advice and steps and apply them with dark grades to keep elegant and have dark and shiny nails.

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* Wetting nails with the basic nail polish which is full of oils
Give attention while applying the dark nail polish directly on your nails as it may leave remains difficult to remove. So put the basic nail polish and choose one which it's full of oils to avoid having bumps on nails that appear because of dehydration, put a thin layer of it to avoid many thick layers and take a long time to dry. 

* Apply Vaseline on nails' skin before putting the main color
Before putting the main color of nail polish, apply Vaseline on your skin around your nails to avoid having a mess and it will be easy to clean especially if you have a white skin, which the wrong spots appear clearly on it. 

* Put two thin layers of nail polish
When you want to have a nail polish, apply a thin layer first, then wait two minutes and put the second layer, that's help the color dries in a short time.

* Apply the oil on your hands' skin before removing the nail polish
To save your hands' skin from the color permeation, put some olive oil on your hands and rub them well to remove the nail polish easily.

* Toothbrush to remove the hard remains
To remove the hard remains of the black nail polish, use a toothbrush with some acetone and rub your nails well to have perfect results in few minutes.

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