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Foods that Make your Nails Stronger | Vitamins for Strong Nails

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Once you feel happy for having long and beautiful nails, until you got sad as one of them broke, most women suffer from nails breaking nightmare! Make sure that the strong nails base is healthy food which full of vitamins and minerals. And here, we provide you with 9 food kinds to include them among your daily healthy lifestyle. 


1. Eggs
 One of the richest sources of proteins, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega 3. All these sources make eggs a necessary part in breakfast three times weekly at least, to give you positive consequences on your nails health and make them stronger. 

2. Broccoli
 It is full of iron and it is very useful to get strong healthy nails.

3. Fish
 Beside the many benefits that fish contains in the healthy and aesthetic levels, you have to know that fish is useful for your nails health, and you have to include it within your food list to avoid common nails' problems as breaking and lack of growth.

 You can eat carrots cooked or make it juice, it will improve the appearance of your nails. Carrots are full of vitamin that keep your nails from dry. It is very good to have longer and stronger nails.
5. Leafy vegetables
 They contain magnesium, copper, zinc, protein, vitamins A & E, biotin and vitamin B. All these minerals and vitamins make the food the best to nails health along with their benefits of skin and hair. 

6. Sweet Potato
 It is full of beta-carotene, that your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A helps your nails to grow better and faster. A lack of vitamin A will make your nails dry and brittle.
7. Bananas
 Bananas are full of potassium, mineral silica that make your nails look better and zinc that make your nails stronger. Bananas also contain vitamin B6 that also help you to get health nails.
8. Almond
 The almond is an incredible source of magnesium, zinc, protein, manganese, copper, selenium and biotin. Which make it important to be added to all your meals, provided that it should be uncooked. So don't ignore its importance to your nails health.

9. Milk
 Milk is rich in calcium that make your nails stronger and healthier, it also helps to make your nails grow faster. To get the benefits of milk, you should drink at least one glass of milk per day. Lack of calcium make your nails dry and brittle.

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