Weak Brittle Nails | Causes and Treatment

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Nails are a more thickening and a stronger type of skin types specially the upper layer of skin. Nails are dead cells and they consisting of a strong type of keratin.
Nails contains basically from the protein substance that is for skin and known as keratin, this substance is 15% of its Weight is water with a small percent of mineral salts. Even if the calcium intervenes in some vital operations that will help some of the organs of body to do an important tasks, but it doesn't make a great importance in making nails, the process will help indirectly the nails to grow, so the relationship between the nails' growth and calcium is indirect. But when you have a lack in calcium - this happened usually with the lack of vitamin D - , your nails and hair will lose some of their flexibility which make them easy to break.

The nail grows daily at the rage of 0.1 millimeter, it needs 4-6 months to renewed fully, however, feet nails need a whole year to renewed themselves.

The healthy nails look smooth, soft, round, hard, and without holes, also it has one color and clean of any patches or color change.

At recent days, many problems related to nails spread quickly and affect your health, so here there is a list of the common fingernail problems and the way to over come them (not to ignore):

1- Nails and skin around nail allergy
Nail polish is the causative, in addition, the damage and allergy around the nail. Also red patches will appear with pickle and skin allergy like eyelids, face, and neck allergy.

How to fix the skin around your nails?
Taking pills antihistamine - against allergies - , and using calamine lotion - moisturizing for the sensor skin.

2- The cracks, brittleness and splits in nails
There is not enough wetting for the nails, especially when you don't drink the necessary amount of water which causes keratin's inflation in the nail, when the keratin gets dry, the nail will be broken, long nails may have the same effect and doubly.

How to treat cracked brittle nails at home?
- Soak your nails for 10 minutes at night in babies oil or olive oil.
- Keep your nails short, and massage them constantly using lotion cream.
- Use white iodine to strengthen your nails.
- Avoid using acetone frequently.

3- Nail-biting and distortion its shape
Usually it caused by the stress, neurological, anxiety, tension or an emotional problem.

How to stop biting your nails forever?
- Keep your nails as much as possible tidy.
- When you want to bite your nails, work in any task, or try to invent any thing to keep your nails and mind out of nails-biting mood.
- Use a nail polish that have a bitter taste.
- Cut your nails when they become long.

4- Fungal infections, psoriasis, or eczema
Wetness is one of the most causes.

Eczema treatment (nails and hands):
- Use an anti-fungal cream, dry your hands or feet nails well especially between the fingers. Don't cut any skin growths around the nail, until you make sure that the fungi went.
- You can soak your nails in vinegar and water for 15 minutes that will help you to eliminate fungal infections.

5- Skin growths and the nail grows inside the skin especially toenails
Cutting nails too much, or wearing tight shoes which cause swelling, pain, and the inflammation.

How to Get Rid of Thick Skin Under your Toenails?
- You must not bite the skin growths, because it leads to hurting the skin and making a slot that allow germs to enter, that make a painful inflammation.
- If the previous process happened and it caused an inflammation, you have to use antibiotic cream or ask your doctor.

6- Weakness and peeling nails
The illness, hands exposure to extreme cold, putting hands for long time in water, washing hands with hot water, drying hands violently, or using the chemical components such as the household cleaners.

How to treat,fix and repair peeling nails?
- Wearing rubber gloves to do house tasks.
- Massaging hands and feet using almond oil before sleeping.
- Drying hands and feet frequently.
- Using a medical toxic nail polish.

7- White nails and nails spots
Some dark spots appear under the nail, which resulting from bloody rally because of having a bruise, also it may happen as using a dark nail polish that acetone didn't remove it well.

What causes white spots on nails?
White nails caused by the lack of calcium and zinc. Also anemia and the lack of iron leads to make the nails pale.

Other causes for color change of nails:
- External factors: like the tints for some topical medicine.
- Aging: which leads to damage the nails and make them colored by yellow.
- The fungal infections and Candida.
- Psoriasis: it makes the nail yellow or brown.
- Some drugs: like Tetracycline that make nails yellow.

How to get rid of white spots on nails?
-In cases that the dots or color change didn't cause by an illness or a bruise, pass a towel soaked in diluted hydrogen peroxide with juice of half a lemon on your nails.
- Eat a lot of food which contains iron, calcium, vitamin B, and potassium because they are useful foodstuffs for nails and the body as soy products, celery, yogurt, eggs, sea fruits, almond, garlic, spinach, tuna, and cinnamon.
- Frequent use the nail polish should be removed by acetone not by rubbing them like many do, because that make nails weaker.

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