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Strange and effective secrets to take care of nails

4:35:00 AM

As the beautiful and colorful nails considered a main condition of the perfect look, and because your care of nails among the usual routine for your beauty care in general. It's useful to discover the hidden secrets in this field, which you will know them at the first time but we ensure their clear positive effect.

- The icy water for nail polish After putting the nail polish, put your nails in a container full of icy water to dry quickly. That won't take some seconds but it's more effective than any another artificial way.

- The Vaseline for nails' health before putting the nail polish, it's important to wet your nails with some of the petroleum jelly which known as Vaseline to have a protective layer from the nail polish.

- The sharp brush for cleaning If you want to be professional at putting nail polish, use a brush with a sharp corner to use with the nail polish remover as it reaches all sides. You can use this brush efficiently while putting the French style as it will be helpful for you.

- The transparent nail polish You should use the transparent nail polish twice, not once, as you ensure having better results, and notice that your nail polish fixed for more than a week.

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