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How to paint your life with pink gel nail polish!

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Add an active touch and full of femininity on your winter clothes during this season with Ciaté pink colors to break the usual rules and have a charming look. Let's make your life more interesting with best group of nail polish. How to choose the suitable color depending on your look? 

Light Pink Gel Nail Polish
Paint your nails in an attractive way and full of femininity with Candy Floss nail polish with the beautiful quit pink with exactly suit other pastel colors grades and make you enjoy your style everyday.

Charming Fun Fair is a color full of enthusiasm and bravery, purple pink color suits ladies with the shiny touch of great colors that you need in period of season changing. Add touches give fun and happiness to clean nails with Dolls House nail polish with the shiny grade of pink and some touches of the magnificent purple, really it's the best color to get a French look.

Raspberry Collins nail polish with his attractive red which is close to lilac gives you an effect last long time which make it a perfect choice for all occasions.

Shine with Kiss Chase with fabulous hot pink which attract men. This nail polish has a bold color and full cover in one layer, and it's available in many shiny quiet colors.

Cutie Pie nail polish is stylish and beautiful in rose grade which make it suitable for ladies, put one layer to have a shiny pink color or 3 layers of light grade.

Fun House nail polish make your look perfect with the dark pink which is close to purple from Ciaté, that's give you a full touch of femininity with romantic sapphire color. This amazing mixture has its magnificence look from his attractive color and the glitter that it adds to your nails.

Red? Or pink? Yea! Cocktail Dress nail polish mixes between the two colors in a mixture shocks many people for its fantastic look of the nail polish that contains many attractive colors, which will be unforgettable.

Couture nail polish has a great grade mixes between beige and pink as a quiet and beautiful style.

Cupcake Queen nail polish may look superfine with its beautiful pink color, but when you look closely at the bottle, you will notice a dark blue layer add an amazing flash full of life.

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