How to Stop Biting Nails and Skin around it

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Nails biting considered as a common problem that effects every person, for it includes the frequent chewing for fingers, nails and the skin around them. May it looks not harmful but treating it is an necessary to stop them from the distortion of hands. So what are the possible solutions for this problem and to get rid of this bad habit? The answer is written in this essay.

How do you stop biting your nails?

1. Have photos of beautiful nails
The photos of and well decorated beautiful nails help you to get rid of this bad habit, as while seeing those photos, they will encourage you to have nails look similar to them but you can't do such a thing without stop nail's biting.
2. The soap
Use the wet soap under the featured parts of your nails as their taste will remind you to stop nail's biting. Although you decided to stop that problem, but it's possible to forget it, so the taste of the soap will work as an alarm and help you to overcome it.
3. The chili (Hot sauce)
Same with the soap, the chili will help you to stop nails biting. Just put some chili on them so its taste will prevent you from biting your nails anymore.
4. special nutritious liquid for nails
If the previous methods didn't help you, just go to any pharmacy and buy the special nutritious liquid for nails which is differs from the transparent nail polish and will help you.
5. Water bath, salt, vinegar and lemon
Another way to stop nails biting is having a water bath with lemon, salt and vinegar. Put your nails in it for some minutes, then dry them and put some lotion on them.
6. Gloves
Also, you can use gloves to stop nails biting and you can wear them in the home or outside.

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