How to Get Hot Summer Nights Manicure! 7 Tips : Gel Nail Polish Ideas 2017

9:21:00 AM

Most things that we need in summer beside seashores, holidays and tan look, is the great colors which are full of life, these colors should not be limited in clothes and dresses, but also on our nails. Among the last fashion shows for summer and spring, we notice the glitter on models' nails, so we chose for you a style easy to apply and suits loud evenings on seashores.

1. Start first with putting a nude shadow or pink color close to beige on the whole nail.
2. Choose the blue color only for your fourth nail.
3. You absolutely will find shiny nail polish mix between all colors in markets.
4. With this style, choose the red, white and blue.
5. On all your nails, apply the shiny nail polish at the upper part of your nail as you drawing a line.
6. But on the fourth nail, apply the shiny polish on the whole nail.
7. Leave it to dry, then put the transparent nail polish to keep the shiny grain on its place.

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