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How to Fatten Up Your Wrists Naturally | Gain Weight in Thin Hands : Healthy Way

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A recipe to care of thin hands

As many girls said that "my hands are very thin what to do".
We will tell you the best way to care of your thin hands, do this natural recipe to fattening up your wrists and get rid of their thinnest, here are a recipe for you to make your hands fat, soft and attractive. It's healthy way,easy and fast result.

- This recipe contains several nutritious ingredients and always available at home.
– Quarter a cup of milk
– Small tablespoon of Arabic yeast
– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
– 2 tablespoons of oats
– Tablespoon of starch

The method
Mix the ingredients together very well, then put it on your hands for 30 minutes, after finishing, wash your hands with warm water and re doing this process ever day for a month and you will get the expected results.

The importance of the whole ingredients.
Every type of the ingredients has its own benefits:

It helps skin to become white and give it the nutrition , as it supports it with needed vitamins to become fat .
Arabic yeast
It works good with the milk to do something like natural hormone which fattening hands with effect other body.
Oats contains iron and important yeasts to fattening.
It has a special ability in whitening hands and supporting them with vitamins that make it fattening .
It is an important ingredient to protect hands of getting dark while using this recipe and give them a soft touch without spots.

Finally,You will get the expected results and have fat hands far from annoyed thinnest.

If you are underweight, We will provide here some healthy steps to gain weight:

What I should eat to gain weight?
It's important to eat more frequently.
Some of food are good for you:
-High-fat dairy: full-fat yogurt, cheese, cream.
-Nuts: peanuts,walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc.
-Dried fruitdates,raisins, prunes and others.

More Tips
-Watch when you drink.
-Do exercise.
-Choose nutrient-rich foods.
-Try smoothies and shakes.

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