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Gradient Nails Without Sponge (Ombre Nail Art) Step by Step Tutorial

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Nail polish

Nail polish is a type of special paint for hands and feet nails, it decorates and protects the nail from any claw, many people don't know that the nail polish that ladies' use daily, is like cars paint but the last is done to be fixed which isn't suitable for human's nails.

Image Source: Youtube: Lady Cherry

Before Apply Gradient Nail art

To have ombre nail art design, you need acetone, and a small cup, put some warm water in it, then choose two transparent colors of nail polish, you can choose many colors as you like, with cotton poles which used for ears, tweezers, needle, pin, nail file and nail clipper. Before painting, firstly you should make sure that all of your nails are good and clean from any remains of nail polish, or that edges need to be expanded. You can take care of your nails before painting them, because that is not possible after, make sure that your form's finger and their length are suitable, also you can't cut your nails after using nail polish. It's optional to put the tonic nail polish, which will make your nails strong.

How to create Ombre Nail art designs?

Ombre nails or Gradient nails, it is very cool nail design idea and it is need two colors nail polish, in this tutorial we will show you the easiest and simplest way and no need to use sponge. Let's learn how to do it step by step at home.(No Salon).
  1. Fill 3/4 of a cup with warm water.
  2. Put a drop of nail polish in the cup, firstly you should put the main color which will be remarkable in the end, because of the density, the nail polish will appear on the surface of water and expand until cover the cup surface.
  3. Bring another color of nail polish, and add a drop in the middle of the cup.
  4. If you want more than 2 colors (eg: 3 colors nail design), you can repeat this method as you like, but if it's your first experiment, preferably use only 2 colors.
  5. Bring a sharp tool or pin to mix colors a little bit, don't do it too much to have a beautiful form, always remember to keep the colors separated,for example , don't mix white and red because this process makes a new color, just make them intersected by drowning X or a star using only a pin.
  6. Softly, put your finger in the water, then lift it and clean the nail polish which stuck around the nail, use cotton poles quickly before the nail polish get dry on your skin, because you may miss the nail polish on the nail.
  7. If you didn't like the final result, you can use a tweezers for nails to remove it at all and try again.
  8. You can use a brush like eye-shadow brush and put it in a shiny powder in order to put the powder on your nails before getting dry, be carefully while doing that because you might hide the undulation. Finally paint your nails use a transparent nail polish to keep the shiny powder, you can use transparent nail stamper.
Many girls asked me about red and black ombre nails, so if you like these colors you can find tutorial Red and Black Ombre Nails Art .

Also there is an other way to do ombre nails using sponge. For more watch the video on:

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