6 mistakes that you do while applying the gel nail polish

6:19:00 AM

You get wondered sometimes when your nail polish doesn't look professional if you did it by yourself instead of asking for the beauty expert's help. Make sure that this happen because of simple mistakes that you do accidentally and you have to notice them and avoid such mistakes.

- Ignoring the step of putting the transparent nail polish and the basic one, so you don't prepare your nail well, and you don't protect it from having spots instead of being shiny and beautiful and lasts for the longest time.

- Forgetting cleaning your nails after rasping them with the special remover and water , you apply the nail polish on a place which isn't ready yet so you notice some mistakes that annoy you.

- Forgetting the process of cleaning the nail polish around nails, which make your nails lose their elegance, as you sometimes may lose the patience before starting the cleaning process.

- Being quickly while putting the nail polish, you have to take your time as it makes your hands shake which is enough to miss the nail polish within seconds. Also, sometimes you don't care about the hot weather which make the process of painting your nail polish more difficult.

- Putting a lot of the nail polish on the brush, as you have to put a suitable amount to avoid having thick layers on your nails, as this layers is a mistake by itself and help the polish to peel quickly.

- Not leaving your nails to get dry at all before start using your hands as you think that the few minutes you spent are enough.

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