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Gel Nail Polish Facts and Hacks | Every Girl Should Know

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In this article we will talk about gel nail polish and we will tell you some facts and hacks specially for beginners to get better nail art designs.

Nail Art Hacks | Every Girl Needs to Know:

1- To make a matte nail polish, put the nail polish in a plastic cup and add some corn flour to it then mix them well and quickly, use the nail polish before getting dry.

2- If you put some of nail polish out the nail while putting it, bring a thin water color brush and put it in acetone, then pass it around the nail softly and all these small patches will be removed.

3- To have a dry nail polish quickly, put in your nails some of hair spray, you will notice the amazing result.

4- Sometimes, you notice that you have small balloons of nail polish on your nail, to avoid this just shake the nail polish bottle before using it.

5- To make your nail polish shiny, put a layer of the white nail polish before using the color that you want.

6- To avoid having a yellow patches on your nails because of the nail polish, just put a layer of the transparent nail polish before the colored one.

gel nail polish hacks and facts

Facts about Gel Nail Polish

-Gel manicures differ from acrylic manicures.
 Acrylic nails are made with a powder dipped in solvent. On the other hand, gel nail polish come in nail polish shades, and are made by being cured under a UV or LED lamp.

-You can remove gel polish at home easily and safely.
Check this article to get idea about the right way to remove gel manicure.

-How long is gel nail polish supposed to last?
It's last 2-3 weeks, if you have internship interviews, the perfect solution is gel nails because they last about 2 weeks with no chipping.
Keep in mind, it's depend on your body chemistry, the product itself, and how it's applied.

Don't do that while doing Gel Nails

How to choose the best gel nail polish for your nails?

Some gel manicures are cured using a UV light but others are cured with an LED light. UV lights are cheaper than LED lights. Also, gel nail polish that cure without light are more popular. Most girls found they chip and peel faster than gels cured with a UV or LED light. Some gel nail polish are easier to remove than others, shellac gel polish are much easier to remove. Keep in mind that a color you like it today may get boring after a while. When you want to buy gel polishes it's better to get kit with different colors to use one of them for each season. Make sure to buy at least one bright and cheery color to use on an accent nail.

red gel nail polish nail art design idea

Gel Nail Polish Colors

Here you will find some gel nails colors to get idea but there are many gel manicures colors you can pick and use them as you want.

Yellow nail polish makes your hands look swallow and bring out the dryness and detail of your hands. If you still have youthful hands, it's good choice to wear bright yellow.

If your hands aren't your favorite feature, choose bright pinks. They will draw attention to your nail rather than your finger. For longer fingers, I recommend light and soft shades of pink (especially baby pink).
Read this article to get idea how to make pink nail art home.

it's cool color and if you fell nervous I suggest to pick blue polish and enjoy relaxing time.

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