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12 Tips to Care of Bride Nails before Wedding Day

6:04:00 AM

 Because of the beauty of the nails and its brightness are one of the priorities list of any bride prepares well for its wedding. Here are a list of the most important home habits that bride should follow to have healthy and strong nails among two months before the wedding day.


1- Cleaning hands to remove germs and wastes by using toothbrush with a small amount of soap or toothpaste.
2- Cleaning nails well and caring of the skin around them.
3- Cutting nails regularly every two weeks to have strong and healthy nails.
4- Using nail file to make nails tidy and keep them to look great and to avoid breaking.
5- Avoid cutting cuticle layer or the skin around the nail because they protect the nail from infection and germs.
6- Sterilization nails tools using soap and alcohol.
7- Changing nails tools from time to time.
8- Avoid putting nail polish after removing the old one for several days because it helps nails to grow.
9- If you want to put nail polish before the wedding day, don't forget to put base layer which protect nails from chemical components that used in making nail polish process.
10- Putting 3 layers of transparent nail polish before finishing the main nail polish.
11- Using masks especially made for nails to wet nails and make them strong.
12- Avoid using things which may make your nails break.

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