DIY Ombre Nails

How to do Black and Red Ombre Nails with Gel Nail Polish Step by Step at Home

2:31:00 AM

Ombre nail polish fashion still the best in the fashion world and that's encourage ladies to work hard to learn it, in order to have an amazing style. In this tutorial, we explain instructions to do black and red Ombre nails design (no salon).

Ombre nails you can make them your own. Use same techniques with any colors you choose and really personalize them.
Ombre nail art is simple,easy and can be done in just a few steps. Many ways to get the gradient effect. Choose whichever way you like best and wow your friends with your beautiful ombre nails.
After this tutorial, you we will be able to create any colors of ombre nails in no time but here we will use red and black.

Before start doing Ombre nail polish, we shall mention an important point which is that you have to paint your nails with red so the style will look beautiful and suitable. And these are the steps:

First step: put the red nail polish on the upper part of Ombre sponge.

Second step: put the black nail polish on the another part of the same sponge.

Third step: Apply the Ombre nail polish on every nail.

Fourth step: clean the skin around your nails from the nail polish.

Fifth step: put the transparent nail polish to make your nail polish looks good for the longest time.

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