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How to Apply French Gel Nail Polish as a Professional | Step by Step Tutorial

9:17:00 AM

As the nails' fashion and its colors differ from season to another, but the classic one still the best which goes with different seasons and celebrations and which is the French nail polish ( French manicure ). May you think that applying this kind of nail polish is difficult and need to go to beauty salons. But today you will learn the way easily with steps to have a perfect result.

In the first step, clean your hands well from any previous nail polish and wet them using lotion. Then, apply the acetone again to remove any oily remains and to avoid having peeled polish.

Apply the white nail polish on the upper half of your nails and leave it to dry.

Using a special brush and dipped in the nail polish ( you can use cotton sticks instead ) draw a straight line or a curved one depending on the form you want.

Apply a thin layer on your nails with the pink color or transparent white. And make sure that the white layer got dry before painting it. 

After that, make sure that all layers are dry and fix them with final touch using the transparent nail polish.

This kind of nail polish suit different lengths of nails. But make the white line longer if your nails are too long and short if your nails are short too.

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