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Remove gel manicure with nail polish remover in 2 easy methods

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Let's learn how to remove gel nail polish yourself at home No Saloon and in easy steps.

*First Method :
1-     Using a wide woody nail file, Gently scrap the shiny surface of each nail that’s covered by the Gel Manicure till you take off the shinning layer and reach the manicure dry base. Watch out you reach out to your original nail so you don’t hurt yourself.
2-     Bring a small Cotton ball, Satiate it with the strong Acetone solution 100% concentrated.
3-     Wrap your nail by the cotton piece, and then wrap an aluminum paper or a tap over it, so it’s strongly fit, and apply that on all your nails.
4-     Leave your nails covered by the acetone cottons for 15 minutes, so the Gel is completely removed.
5-     Take off the cotton off of your nails, then use the woody file to remove the cuticles surrounding your nails to remove what’s left of the Gel Manicure on the nail. If it’s not removed completely, Don’t try forcing it off of your nail by the woody file, Instead repeat wrapping it by the cotton balls satiated with acetone and then wait 5-7 more minutes.
6-     Remove the Acetone balls wrapped off of your nails, then use the woody file to take off the cuticles surrounding your nails to finally remove what’s left over of the Gel Manicure. Now if it’s not removed completely, Don’t try to remove it by the woody file, Instead  repeat it once more and wrap the cotton balls satiated by acetone and  wait for 5-7 minutes.
7-     After completely removing the Gel Manicure, Wash your hands with water and soap then dry them. Wear some oil to especially moisturize the skin surrounding your nails. Because the Acetone you used sucks out the moisture and leads to leave your nails very dry and brittle. And the moisturizing oil keeps them wet and moist.


*Second Method:
1-     Find a spot in your house when you don’t risk ruining your clothes or your furniture or any other thing by acetone, since the acetone is a required solvent for removing the Gel polish.
2-     Put on a piece of paper or a cereal box in the spot your planning to use. Better placing it close to a tub if possible.
3-     Cute the Aluminum Paper to slices so it fits the tip of your nails. It’s even a better idea to make that up before starting the removing procedures.
4-     Put an Acetone bottle, a nails file, a nails polisher, Aluminum slices, cotton balls and an orange woody stick. You can fine all these in the Cosmetics  Section in any pharmacy or supermarket.
5-      Use the nails file to remove the surface off of each nail. That will allow the acetone to go underneath the last layer.
6-     Pour the acetone in a small deep bowl then soak a cotton ball in the acetone.
7-     Place the soaked cotton ball directly on your first nail.
8-     Wrap that first nail with an aluminum paper, so that the cotton ball is settled on the nail. That will produce extra heat which will help removing the polish.
9-     Repeat that with all your 10 nails. Let the acetone stay on the bottom of your nails for 7 minutes. You may need to repeat that procedure at one hand each time.
10-  Glide the aluminum paper off the tip of your finger, that will allow you to replace the aluminum paper and soaking it longer if the polish was still stiff.
11-   Use the Orange woody stick to remove the Gel Polish. It will be easier doing it than using your nails. It’s supposed to get removed easily. Soak it in again if it’s not removed. Rub the Polish in the paper instead of the tub.
12-   Repeat that on all your other nails.

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