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Nails for wedding bride : Tips & Ideas

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 When we all concentrate most of our time, money and effort on our hair and makeup in our wedding days!  Many brides  ignore their nails. But did you ever thought that you will have all the attention focused on your  fingers to see the wedding ring. So, how do you make sure to have the best looking nails without coasting you a fortune ?!

wedding bride nail art designs

 You have to start by taking extra care of your nails before two months of the wedding day, where you don’t bite your nails, don’t polish them with any strong colored manicure , But only cut it and trim it in the salon or by an expert. So it’s ready and rested for the wedding day. We recommend the French nail polish which the most decent nail polish for weddings, which depends on the natural colors, but you can also use colors, and don’t forget to stay away from the red and the purple polish cause they are such strong repellent colors for a bride.

The Classic French Nails
 It’s the prettiest Immortal design for nails of all time, and especially for wedding days, it gives your nails extra length, softness, delicacy, easy to do and you can do it at home also.

 One of the secrets that keeps the white color that borders the finger tips, is applying the white polish layer on your nail with one quick smooth move on the tip of your nails before applying any polish on your nail, That way you can remove it and repeat that again so you can have a straight harmonic line without ruining the polish.

 Now, if you find that technic difficult, you can use the Nails Bordering Ribbons that’s sold with the French nails bottles. When the white line is fully dry, Apply a light color, Let’s say one of the Peachy polish shadows  or the pink , these colors make the nails look more natural. When this layer dries, apply a transparent polish layer to protect the color and getting a glamour look.
For those who seek uniqueness you can stick on some made graphics on the ring finger or some special shape on the nail. There are many attractive made graphics, which will give your nails an outstanding look.

A  Quick Tip:
Buy nail polish corrector pen that’s Acetone free, and use it to correct the little mistakes with your polish. But if you did not have a naturally long nails, or if your natural nails are short or corrosive  then you can use a set of fake nails which sticks on your nails.
Bottles of complete sets of nail wraps are available with its own glue, and of course do not use any other sort of glue or any sort of glue. These nails could last for 14 days, and what’s even better you can apply it by yourself at home, much cheaper than the salons. On the other hand if you were looking for a more natural looking nails, you can use the Silicon nails, Which are only applied by a nails expert, on that case you have to know that you should apply these nails a while before the wedding day, because it takes a long time for applying and also much more expensive .

How to apply your artificial nails :
Place the false nail on clean nail, without touching the skin and squeeze it tightly for a few seconds till it sticks perfectly, then cut and trim the industrial nails all at once with a harmonic well done job.

- Pick the right and appropriate sizes for each nail before gluing them.
- To remove your fake nails, soak them in the nails remover solution or in a warm water for about ten minutes. It’s better to get an expert advise or reading the using instructions.

Keep your nails in a good shape all summer long!
Of course, The brides Joy isn’t completed when the wedding day is over, But it’s continued with many events and occasions celebrating the wedding. And of course your nails must look elegant, glamorous and harmonic together. So, Keep them took cared of all honeymoon long, and change their color if they bored you.
- For the summer weddings you attend, we recommend using the pink shadows, the Beige and the Coral. 
- Try the Pastels with the sea dresses and the cotton summer clothes.
- For the weddings, Try some stronger shadows and make sure they fit you clothes.
-Do not use two colors on your hand finger nails and your toenails.

Don’t shake the polish bottle before using it, because that shapes bubbles, put the bottle in your hand and spin it a little Instead. 

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