How to Keep Your Hands Beautiful and Soft Naturally , sun flower oil with salt Recipe

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* Taking Care of Hands and Nails
Recipes and mixture varies that you can use to have beautiful hands and strong nails , as hands' beauty due to the way that lady followed . In this essay we will give you recipes to care about them .

* Hand & Nails Care Tips
1. Wear cotton gloves during night, there are many types of gloves that you can wear after putting a cream.

2. Avert cold, don't exposure your hands to low temperatures which will make your skin dehydrated. In addition, you have to warming your hands in the seasons.

3. Use suitable creams for your skin, and keep using them daily.

4. Massage your hands, by moving your fingers on the palm few minutes, because this process activate blood circulation.

5. trim your nails from time to time.

6. eat enough amount of zinc which is founds in food and it's important to have a strong nails.

7. Use gloves when you washing dishes, because cleaning substances contain many chemical components.

* Recipes For Hands and Nails
1. coarse sugar with olive oil
Ingredients :
- two big tablespoons of olive oil .
- one tablespoon of coarse sugar .
- one tablespoon of almond oil .
How to use :
Mix the previous ingredients together well, then put it on your hands and massage them. Leave it a quarter hour and wash it using warm water and soap.

2. Sun Flower Oil With salt
- a small tablespoons if sun flower oil.
- a half tablespoons of salt.
How to use:
Mix the oil with the salt, and leave the mixture after putting it on your hands, then wash it. This recipe helps you to clean the accumulated dirt on hands.

3. Honey With Lemon and Olive Oil
- a tablespoon of honey.
- a tablespoon of olive oil.
- a half tablespoon of lemon juice.
How to use:
Mix the previous ingredients, put it on your hands and wash it after leaving it for ten minutes. You can add powder milk or the liquid one.

Other Recipes to get white hands

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