How to Buff and Polish Your Nails at Home No Salon

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We’re all used to Buff and Polish our nails at home. Especially when they are weaker and the tips are not equal and organized and sticks in clothes with each move you make, But did you know that for polishing and buffing your nails, there are some basics you have to follow otherwise you will make your nails weaker and brittle?


Here are some tips and Steps you should follow while polishing and buffing our nails:

1-     Do not try to polish or buff your nails unless it’s completely dry, because our nails are usually weaker so it’s very easily broken or crackle.

2-     Trim your long nails, so it’s a little bit longer than the actual length you want to get to eventually. Make sure the trimming is at the sides of the nail and not in the middle.

3-     If there is any nail polish isn’t removed yet, leave it on your nails till you polish and buff them, because it gives your nails extra strength and protect it from brittle.

4-     Use a wooden file with a medium smooth touch and stay away from the rough files , since it’s very rough on your nails and will make them very weak.

5-     The file have to make a 45 degree angle with the lower surface of the nail instead of  the common mistake being perpendicular on it .

6-     When you polish and buff your nails, the file has to move smoothly in one direction from one of the sides to the middle which means when you polish the right side of the nail the direction of the file from the right to the middle then polish it the other side from the left to the middle. Avoid polishing and buffing your nails in a circular direction and don’t ever start polishing from the middle of your nails.

7-     Avoid Polishing and Buffing your nails too close to your skin, so you don’t infect that area or make the side of your nail much weaker.

8-     After you finish polishing and buffing your nails in the shape you want ( circular, squared, oval or tapered)  get rid of the left soft layer of the nail by polishing the pluses in a direction from the higher to the bottom with observing that the file is not perpendicular on the nail but sloping from the top of your hand side.

9-     When you’re done from all the steps, it’s preferred washing your hands and applying some Jojoba oil if possible to moisturize your nails since it’s the only thing that the nails could absorb. 

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