Stylish & Cute Gel Nail Polish Designs for This Season 2017

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We choose for you 6 common shadows for your nails, simple and easy to apply at home and you can choose one of them to design it without any help.

Neon Blue:
Behind the scenes of most of designers of this season you will find they use the nail blue shadow similar to the color of the blue sky at midnight a lot.
If you like to stay late in the cold nights of autumn. We advice you to use the romantic  luminous blue.
Neon Blue Nail Polish
Classic shadows:
Why not to copy the changing of leaves into crimson, brown and warm orange?
Nail polish companies offered you this season orange copper shadows, brown and gold shadows to fit your style and your mood in autumn as well.
Classic Gel Nail Polish

A touch from gothic style :
Black nails trend is coming back this autumn after disappearing for many years. Girls took advantage and show their passion with sexy shinny black at many occasions.
Black Gel Nail Polish

Duplicated red:
Instead of colorful shinny cherry red, Designers this season choose elegant crimson. It's effective in attracting eyes and admiration.
Red Gel Nail Polish

The natural color :
Not all women like the dark colors, so designers give some space to those who like to use natural skin like color for those classic women.

Natural Color Gel Nail Polish

The wonderful pink :

It's my favorite color, so feminine so velvet, nothing can add warm to the cold of autumn like pink does.  

Pink Gel Nail Polish

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