Nail Personality Test

What does your nails color say about your personality? Know your personality from your nails !!

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When you want to decide what nails color to select, you should keep in mind many factors. Is it look nice with your skin tone? Is this color seasonal? You may not Know that the manicure color you choose for your nails actually says many things about your personality. 

When you use a specific nail polish color, you are putting different vibes out there. You may think your selected color is flirty,but in reality, your nails are saying that you are unfriendly and aloof person! 
Let's learn what each nail color is telling us about our personalities to wear our heart on our fingers and help us to express our-self.

Orange Nail Polish

Girls who use orange nail polish are looking on the bright side of life and have the ability to taking risks. If you like this color and prefer to choose it more than other colors that means you are always optimistic. In short, You have energy and creative, and you find it difficult to decide which people who can keep up with your lifestyle.
I see orange nails are fantastic on brown skin.

Red Nail Polish

Red color marks that you are bold girl and confident in yourself. Also it means that you are doesn’t shy from the are dramatic and outgoing. Use this color when you want to show off your diva side!

Yellow Nail Polish

When we say Yellow I remember the sun and warmth. We can't ignore that girls who put yellow nail polish have unique sense of style. It is the top choice for girls who are spontaneous, bohemian and extroverted.

Purple Nail Polish

If you like this color that means you are a wise,have a lot of dreams and live with your imagination. Pluse you are creative and driven by success. 

Pretty in Pink Nail Polish

Pink is associated with Barbies and the most of girls like to wear pink dress or handbag so this color giving the impression that you are fun, lighthearted and spontaneity. Pink is bold and eye-catching color so you have to be a confident soul to use it as nail polish.

Green nail polish

Green color reveal earthiness and spunk. Strong color and has an energy. It is tells the world that you have a sense of adventure and don’t shy from risky choices.

Blue Nail Polish

If you are one the faint of heart and want to choose nail polish color, this color is the bad choice. Blue reflects fun and experimental and your lifestyle is full of excitement. Blue nails says that you are youthful, fun and ready to try new things.

Black Nail Polish

Using black color on your nails doesn’t reflect you are depressed person as many people think rather, it is a way of rebelling against the norm and showing some of the darkness in your personality.

Tell us in comment what is your favorite color and is your personality as we say?

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