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What does your fingernails shape say about your personality | Nail shape personality Quiz

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Everyday we hear about new signs that say something about our personality.
Today we will talk about the related between your nails shape and your personality.

Long and Rectangular Nails Personality :
Since you’d describe your nails as long and rectangular shaped, you're sociable person and people love your charisma.
You don't afraid from trying new things and you like to have experiences in your life.
You care about small details and you examine problems from all dimensions.

Rounded Nails :
Do you have short and round fingernails?
If your nails are round shaped and short that marks you're creative person and a strong minded.
Once you find your love or make new friend you'll do the best to protect them.
Other things describe you:
- You like adventurous
- You're bold and fearless.

Square Nails :
If your fingernails are best described as a square nails , it means you have a strong personality and at the same time you're humble person.
and there are many things to say about you
- Hard worker
- Leader
- You seem like a work horse
- You can't take responsibility seriously. 
- When you have something to do, you do it properly 

Oval Nails :
Are your nails take oval shape? 
oval and long fingernails mark that you're creative and imaginative person, you nails say that you're attractive person so people like to talk with you when they feel upset.
Your Happiness related to beauty.
You feel happy when help people and give them from your heart.

Triangular Nails Personality :
This type of nails reveal you know what you exactly want from your life and you're decisive person.
On the other hand, You're stubborn and passionate.
In your workplace you're smart worker.

Almond Nails :
You're most likely honest and faithful person and you know how to handle things.
People who know you say that you're nice and they are right because you're polite and can make others happy.

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