The perfect hacks for beautiful nails

8:14:00 AM

In this article we will discuss seven secrets every women should know and we have general beauty tips and tricks to get healthy and sweet nails.

1-        Cut your nails regularly from the external parts.
       Don't take drugs especially antibiotic unless it's 
       necessarily & use doctor consultation.

2-        Avoid any contaminated substances & staining substances & wear gloves while using them.

3-        Use products especially nail cosmetics product carefully , avoid using nail hardeners as much as you can .

4-        Use moisturizing cream for nail after soaking them in water for long time & after drying them.

5-        Use the right complete meal that should contains proteins , vitamins & minerals.

6-        Don't elongate your nails more than they can handle, that mean you can elongate them to the tall that could lead them to curve.

7-        Don't use more than one nail polish at the same time  and avoid removing the nail polish with more than one nail remover in a close periods. 

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