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How to clean clothes from liquid gel nail polish - Right Way To Remove Manicure Stains On Clothing !!

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Many girls faced some problems and conditions because of the speed while putting nail polish .  After the beauty of the eyes, nail polish considered as the second thing which men pay attention to , because polished nails with amazing colors have many beautiful affects on hands . Every three days , women spend enough time to take care of their nails , hands and putting great colored nail polish on them . However , during that time is possible to pour some drops of nail polish on clothes or carpets , which makes this process from the difficult and boring tasks . We are here to give you some of the solutions to remove nail polish from clothes that you might lose it because of a few spots .

1- Bring the piece which has been effected by pouring nail polish on it , and try to keep it fixed to stop the movement of the nail polish when it becomes a liquid after putting the substances on it . Bring a piece of cotton that is dunked by acetone - nail polish remover - pass it quickly and retry that process for the best results , then wash it with soap and water.

2- Carefully , Put a little thinner on a piece of cotton , its useful to wear gloves as the substance contains chemical components will effect your hands , then pass a cotton on your piece . Repeat until get what we want , then we wash the cloth with cool water and put it in the washing machine to clean it fully .

3- Sometimes , furniture are also exposed to damage from nail polish , which makes housewife feels annoyed so it's good to use a towel in the place where you put the nail polish and special tools on it in order to avoid any possible damage.

4- When nail polish has been poured on the furniture , preferably to stop clean it using acetone , instead of that splash hair spray on it and let it get dry , then bring  a towel and clean the furniture . Repeat the process to achieve it without any damage.

5- You can follow the previous ways to remove nail polish from the carpets and rugs , but dry the carpets by vacuum cleaner without washing them.

6- When your hair has been effected from nail polish , preferably wet a piece of cotton with olive oil and rub your hair in one direction to clean it . If you did not get the expected result , you can use acetone on a towel then move it softly on your hair to clean it at all .

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