All About The Different Types Of Nail Polish - Gel Nail Polish And More

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Nail polish becomes one of the cosmetology arts that used by the ladies and women to get a beautiful and tidy form for their hands and fingers; companies benefits from the large popularity to buy cosmetic products by making multiple types of nail polish to increase their profits, and find the variety that ladies looking for while decorating their nails . 

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Nail Polish Types : 

1- Gell nail polish (Gelish) This type of nail polish known with its glistening colors that lightened clearly in the darkness, its due to include these colors as a type of colors grading UV. But it is difficult to remove by normal ways through using acetone, however, to remove it soak your nails in acetone for a quarter hour, then pass a dry piece of cotton on them. 

Islamic nail polish (Inglot) It's called Islamic or halal breathable nail polish because of the easy way that followed to remove it, by washing it with water or by scraping it with tip of the finger or using a towel; as this types of nail polish were made for the importance of removing it before doing Wudu* in order to be acceptable, and to have an accepted prayer to Almighty Allah; many Fatawa* linked between nullity Wudu while putting nail polish; because it makes a barrier to prevent water from reaching the nail. Islamic nail polish founds in two forms: liquid, and another form is as stickers that stuck on the nails. 

3- Colored nail polish It comes in several colors, including light colors, dark colors and transparent colors, also it founds as a one bright colors or mixed group of bright colors in the same packaging of nail polish. Usually polishing nail done with one color or by mixing a group of colors on the nail or do simple drawings which suits lady's interests. 

Tonic nail polish This type of nail polish comes in white transparent, and it aims to strengthening the weak and soft nail, also to fill the spaces between them to have tidy nails without gaps, which make polishing nails with colored nail polish in a good way easier. 
5- Water nail polish Colored nail polish is usually used in this type; water nail polish placed on water surface as small drops, and it's formed by using a matchstick until having a suitable form, the nail polish will stick on the nail after soaking them in water. This nail polish usually comes overlapping colors in a beautiful and tidy way. 

6- Velvety nail polish This type gives the nails velvety colors by polishing nail using velvety nail polish, then sprayed it with eye shadow powder before getting dry. 

*1 : Wudu is a performance of the ritual in Islam.
*2 : Fatawa in the Islamic faith is the term for the legal opinion.

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