You should know this before applying nail polish strips !!

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Let’s admit it , Your DIY manicure couldn’t probably look nearly as decent as a salon job, unless you’re a nail polish Expert or some sort of an Artist. Not mentioning how hard the trendy nail art designs could be. Nail polish stickers: It’s that kind of stickers that fits on your nail perfectly which is made of a very thin layer of nail polish with a sticky back that flexes on the contour of your nails. They give you such copyist-patterned fingertips with the wet mess on your fingers. Nail polish strips let you get creative and expressive without any need to visit salon or ask nail artist to make it for you.

To end up having perfectly polished nails, follow our easy steps : 

1- Avoid Puckering : Begin doing your nails at the base , then start smoothing the rest of your nail till you reach the tip, Do no slap the stickers over your entire nail cause you will end up seeing bubbles. 

2- Resize as needed : Make sure that the Appliques aren’t too big for your nails cause they will peel and flake easily . To cut off the excess use a metal or a wood cuticle so the stickers are not touching your cuticles or areas of your skin.

3- Prevent Peeling : To make the end of the strip won’t peel off or flake each time you touch something, Fold the top of the sticker over the end of your nail to cover it. 

4- Simplicity is the key : Try doing an accent nail ,either index or ring finger on each hand and then paint the others with a solid shade.

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