The proper way to apply acrylic toenails at home | How to paint toenails for beginners tutorial

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Many girls take care about their toenails. But many find it so difficult to put nail polish on them. So here's many tips you can follow to apply nail polish on your nail feet without mistakes. 

The perfect way to have pretty toenails :

• Setting on the floor with bending your legs, in a way that your knees close to your chest, so you can put nail polish in a correct way.

• Put a small piece of cotton between your toes , to avoid pull over the nail polish between your toes. 

• Shake the nail polish bottle gently , avoid strong shaking. 

• Start putting the nail polish starting with the smallest toe ending it with the big toe. 

• Put transparent nail polish before putting the basic nail polish , to prevent discoloration of your nails to yellow. 

• Put two layers of nail polish , but you have to wait until the first layer dry , then you put the second layer. 

• Passing the nail polish brush into one way to get an elegant classy look for your nails. 

• Put a layer of glossy nail polish on the basic nail polish , to give your nails more glittering glossy shining look.

• Avoid cleaning the nail polish brush with the edge of the nail polish bottle, so the polish will not accumulate on the nozzle and cause closing it.

• Wait 20 minutes after finish putting nail polish without touching the nails , to grantee complete dry.

• Avoid putting nail polish before sleep, to avoid staining the bed sheets with it.

• Correct the nail polish mistakes by using toothpick.

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