How to keep my nail polish for the longest period

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How to make your home manicure last longer ?

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In next lines we will give you top tips and genius tricks to make your nail polish stay on longer.

1. Don't push the cuticles or the dry skin to the back :
 First you should use a moisturizer on the nails or other one used especially for the extra skin after it gets moisturized well, push back the cuticles.

 2. Don't soak your nails:
 There's no real reason for soaking the nails (Nail salons do that as a part of indulgence and luxury) In fact this step could have a real harm on the nail, when you soak the nails, they absorbs water, which could lead to temporally swallowing, could be back to its normal size after a while. This tighten & extend can help to crackle and peel the nail polish. 

 3. Get a very clean surface of the nail :
 Any appearance for humidity or dust or remaining mina will be a barrier between adhesion the new nail polish with the surface of the nail. To preamble a way for the new nail polish, you should rub the surface of your nail with a soft brush & some liquid soap. Clean well under the nail & in the angles. Wipe the nail with a polish remover to have a quick dry skin. 

 4. Shape:
 Nails should have a specific shape to increase strength & the period of your nail polish , nails should be in squoval shape , rounded from the front and square like from the sides. If your nails were weak & brittle try to shape them instead cutting them, keep shaping in one way so the edges of your nails will not break. 

 5. Basic layer:
 NO! it’s not included in the nail saloons tricks Applying a transparent layer on the nail is very important because it protects the nail & provide a protective base against stains. 

 6. Final protective layer:
 After applying a basic transparent layer, we advise you to put other supportive layer to improve the strength. This final protective layer helps you tom protect the color & the nail. You can also use a fixed color spray.

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