How to get strong healthy nails naturally in a week

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Do you want to have beautiful nails without the need to use chemicals?
After this article you will be able to get strong nails without polish.

How to have a strong healthy nails?
You will never guess what we have known!

It's a fantastic treatment will make your nails grow again strongly & in a very elegant way.

1.  Take a capsule of garlic jelly oil & squeeze it from one of the sides.
2.  With a sharp needle make a hole on the side of the capsule jelly, let a little garlic to pour out from the capsule.
3.  Out a drop from garlic oil on each nail & rub it until you make sure it that the oil has covered the entire  nail, wait for five minutes then wash your hands with warm water and soap.
Do that repeatedly every night & you will be amazed with the results.

*Tips and general warnings:
Do the garlic treatment every night before sleep, because garlic smell is not everyone's favorite. But just by washing your hands & using lotion cream the smell will be disappeared.

You can notice the change after two weeks, if you're allergic to garlic we don't recommend you to keep using this treatment.

If you have a cut in your fingers or in the surrounding skin you could feel a little sting, because of the substance that garlic contains.

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