Nail Art Brushes Types : What They Do And How To Use Them ?

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There are many types of nail art brushes and each one has specific uses.
In this article we will tell you more about these types of nail brushes, how to use each nail art brush easily at home and what its benefits.
In general we can say that nail art brushes can help us to draw thin lines on nails and to create shadows. Using these brushes you'll be able to create any simple or intricate nail art design idea.

To get  professional nail art design, you should pick the right brush.
You can refer to this guide any time to decide what is the right brush that you'll choose to make your special design idea.

Shader Brush:
We can describe this brush by saying that it's short and has square sharp end

How to use it and what to do with it?
- Excellent for drawing backgrounds and painting details. 
- It has many sides, it's great for designing nail art with two colors.

Shader Brush shape

Liner Brush :
It's a nail brush with short and round point, also it has a few bristles. 

The usage and benefits
It has many functions like:
- Draw details and smile lines.
- You can use it to add contours and outline images.
- It's good for short strokes.

 Liner Brush shape

Fan Brush :
It’s flat brush and has fanned bristles with medium length bristle.

Why we use this brush?
- Create gradient effects.
- Use it to draw shading.
- Make airbrush effects
- Perfect when use it with glitter and when designing swirls.
- One of it's uses, brush off unwanted powder or glitter.

Fan Brush shape

Detailed Nail Art Brush :
Best definition of this type of brushes is flat nail art brush with short bristles and has shape as you see in the image.

Uses of this brush :
- Many girls prefer to use detailed brush to draw delicate flowers.
- If you want to paint flower petals on your nails you can do that easily using this brush.

Detailed Brush shape
Angular Brush  :
it's a flat and short brush with angle.

How to use angular nail art brush?
- Angled head of this brush used to draw complicated detailed designs. 
- Has bristles help to control When you drawing at a slant. 
- Efficient for designing angled shapes 

Angular Brush shape

Stripper Brush :
It has long bristles, it's round and pointed tip and with a few of bristles.

What they do?
- Draw long vertical and horizontal lines. 
- Create elongated thick or thin lines.

Striper Brush shape

Stripette Brush :
It's like stripper brush but this one is short and it's to drawing horizontal and vertical lines.

What is this Brush for?
- Good to create short vertical and horizontal lines. 
- To design wisps and netting.
- Use it when painting lines to create details.

Stripette Brush shape

Have you ever use these brushes and do you know other uses of them?
Tell us in comments and share it on Facebook, Twitter or G+ :)

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