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How does your nail polish color change your mood

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Almost of girls choose nails color depending on season, anniversary and the color of  dress or shoes. Actually choosing your color should be more accurate.
Each color can trigger an emotional reaction and effect your mood.
It can make your day happy and fantastic or can make it boring.
Let's start talking about these colors and how it can change your life to be more excited.

Red Manicure
Are you feeling nervous or scared?
As we know, red is stimulating color and it's the color of love.
It helps to be calm and give you strength that you need it.

Yellow Nail Polish
If you feel sad and sorry for yourself, the best choice will be yellow manicure. It's worm color and helps to be more optimistic and joyful.

Hot Pink Nails

Sometimes you feel angry because someone told you bad news or you fight with your sister because she wore your dress without asking you or someone broke your valuable vase.
You will feel that there is fire burning inside you.
Go to your room and visit our site to watch nail art design ideas then start painting your favorite design with feeling love. Your mood will become better.
Pink color is full of love and forgiveness and that will reflect on your personality.

Green Nail Varnish
Have you ever feel a bit lethargic and don't want to do anything?
your treat is finding nail design idea with green color. This will give you more energy and refresh your life. It's color of growth and nature.

Blue Nail Colors
This color is wonderful when you feel stressed and have some problems in your work or got bad mark in your exam or waiting interview next days.
Put blue acrylic on your nails and after that you'll forget all annoying situations and all bad things in your life. Blue is cool color and that will affect you.

Finally, I want to say " Not only use different color change your mood but different shades of color can change it "

Now, What do you choose to make your mood better ?

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