All About orly BB Cream For Better Nails | Benefits and How To Apply | Every Girl Should Use It

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Many girls asked me what is this product, what it's benefits and how to apply it. So let's talk more about this magical cream.

I was wandering in the mall when I noticed a nail polish bottle written on it 'ORLY BB cream for nails' , I was amazed in the beginning but I liked the idea so much, so I'm going to tell you in the next few lines about the BB cream for nails & How it is used & what are the benefits ?

BB cream for nails :

It is a cream similar to the regular nail polish but it works same idea of the BB cream for the skin , It depends basically on correcting the shape of the nails ,hiding the flaws & give you a magic touch.

- BB cream for nails affects your nails in a huge way , it makes them look healthy, shinny & also makes them so strong.

- You can put a layer or two of BB cream until you get the result you're hoping for & to control the color degree that you want for your nails either transparent or nude.

- BB cream usually lasts for 3 days without being cracked at all , so you will get a shiny healthy nails all this period.

- This amazing cream contains a sun block by that it will protect your nails from harmful sun rays.  

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