5 Tips To Have Long and Strong Nails

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To get long strong nails, please read this article carefully.
I will tell you about 5 Tips and secrets for long nails.
It’s time to stop hiding your nails from the world, instead it’s the time to show some brag and show the world how long and colorful they are.
Get a long strong nails with knowing the reason why your nails are brittle and get easily broken and getting to know the solutions.

Try these tricks to make your Nails Stronger and grow faster.

1.  Nail-Biting: you may have this habit from your childhood, but you have to know biting your nails prevent them from growing , spread infection and cause harm to your teeth. Avoid cutting your nails by your teeth.
(Use lubricant to softer them)

2.  You forget to take care of your nails: moisturizing your nails and the surrounding skin is very important.
To have long and shiny nails. You have to moisturize them with oil or lotion and avoid cutting the dead skin surrounding them.

3.  You keep cutting and shaping your nails: cutting your nails and shaping them make your nails weak, so it’s preferable to choose the right shape and improve that shape once every three weeks.

4.  You use a harsh polish remover: using polish remover make your nails dry so you have to find a polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone.

5.  You don’t wear glovers: Gloves protect your hands and nails from getting broken.
So use them as much as you can.

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